Welcome to my World: The Incomplete Works of Erik Slader

My name is Erik Slader. I’m a gamer, a professional comic-book nerd, married college student, history-buff, retail drone, part-time super-villain, Unitarian-Universalist, and sci-fi junkie, but most of all I consider myself a writer, first and foremost. However, due to the constraints of my overly complicated life (both budgetary and time constraints), I have yet been able to publish anything, as of yet (except for non-fiction articles in small local periodicals). This blog site is dedicated to the many science fiction writing projects in-the-works that have yet to see the light of day. Instead of letting these under-construction projects collect metaphorical dust in the digital realm of cyberspace (within my outdated, decade-old, Franken-puter) I decided to share some samples of them on here, with you, in hopes of obtaining feedback / inspiration to complete said stories. Do keep in mind that anything posted on here has already been Copy-Written, and is still deemed incomplete.

In my limited spare time I run a blog-site entitled EPIK FAILS! (Inspired by an unfortunately true story known as… Human History), which is a humorous take on history itself, and I also contribute to my friend’s blog site (Comic Zombie) where I nerd-out and weigh-in on comic-related stuff. Here’s a link to the Top 5 Worst Comic Book Movies of All Time!

I’m always up for feedback, so either post a comment on here, or e-mail me at: ChemicalX713@gmail.com

-Erik Slader


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